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How to contribute#

Yay, you're in the contribute page! UX Writing in VTEX is a collaborative effort. We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible, and this document aims to guide you through the process. You can contribute to this styleguide in three major ways:

Taking part in discussions#

We use our channel #ux-writing for all UX Writing-related topics, and discussions. Feel free to join!

Opening an issue#

If you want to point out some inconsistencies in our published material, or if something important is missing, you can open an issue at our repository at Github.

Please provide the maximum amount of information as possible for us, and be open to discussions.

Making changes via PR#

If you have the opportunity, please make your own contributions in this repository.

  • Clone this repository
  • Open a new branch (fix/name-of-fix or feat/new-feat-or-section)
  • Propose a new PR

We will evaluate your contribution as soon as we can.