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UX Writing Process at VTEX

I want to request UI texts#

If you’re developing or updating a screen, you’ll probably need to write some fresh text for the UI. If you’d like to request someone from the Education or Design teams to write or review your copy, follow the instructions below:

UX Writing Request Checklist:#

  1. Describe the behavior thoroughly.

    Some questions you can answer:

    - What is this button’s expected behavior?      - What does this word mean, in our VTEX context?      - What is the action the user is trying to accomplish?    
  2. Share Figma files, or screenshots of where the microcopy will be located on screen.

    UX writers must understand the dimensions of the avaialable space, and the text's context within the whole page.

I want to create UI Text#

UX Writing processes are rarely linear, especially when realized collaboratively. Below you can see the general phases present in our process. Be mindful that their order is flexible, and steps can often be repeated throughout the process. Keep in mind to use the Voice Chart to guide you in all steps of your process.


Understand the component's behavior.


Check internal and external references.


Brainstorm multiple text options.


Balance voice, conciseness and clarity.


Check how the text appears in the UI, and how users respond.


Peers evaluate the text, helping decide between options.


Translate the chosen sentence.
Checkout our Localization page for more guidance.