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VTEX Glossary#

A/B testteste A/Bteste A/BGeneral
Account ManagementGerenciamento da ContaGestión de la CuentaAccount ManagementVTEX module responsible for managing users, authorizations and other basic data of a VTEX account.
AcquireradquirenteadquirentePaymentsA company that specializes in processing payments. Through its network of accredited partners (or acquiring network), it enables a store to offer various payment conditions to its customers.
Active taxtaxa ativatributo activoRates & BenefitsA tax whose status flag was activated.
AdminAdminAdminGeneralThe administrative panel where VTEX customers manage all parts of the store through different native modules and apps.
affiliateafiliadoafiliadoIntegrationsWho will receive notification of indexation and identification of external requests
anti-fraudantifraudeantifraudePaymentsA system specialized in analyzing the purchases made on the websites, in order to identify fraudulent transactions. It collects data about the behavior of users and compares them with suspicious patterns to then approve or deny the order. Thus, the anti-fraud adds an extra layer of security to your store.
APIAPIAPIGeneralAn API (Application Programming Interface) is a web-based set of programming routines and standards that enable access to software applications or platforms. It works like a bridge between two systems, making integrations possible.
API access keychave de acesso à APIclave de acceso a la APIIntegrationsEvery VTEX API integration needs to authenticate through a key and a token, which are created in the Accounts section.
app keyapp keyapp keyGeneralA key that allows access to a system in combination with a token. Every VTEX API integration needs to authenticate through appKey and appToken.
app tokenapp tokenapp tokenGeneralA token that allows access to a system in combination with a key. Every VTEX API integration needs to authenticate through appKey and appToken.
applicationaplicaçãoaplicaciónMaster DataA grouper of forms inside Master Data. Its function is to organize, divide and establish refined accesses by area. You must create an application and the forms within it to facilitate the organization of data.
archived taxtaxa arquivadatributo archivadoRates & BenefitsA tax that you no longer want to save, and that for all purposes is excluded. It can be unarchived.
attachmentanexoanexoCatalogAn optional and cost-free customization of a product. It's used to add information to an SKU. This information may be related to a service or the purchased item itself.
average ticketticket médioticket promedioOrders ManagementThe avarage amount of money each customer spent per order during a given period.
B2BB2BB2BGeneralB2B stands for Business to Business. In ecommerce, it is a business model in which a company sells products or services to other companies.
B2B2CB2B2CB2B2CGeneralB2B2C stands for Business to Business to Consumer. In ecommerce, it is a business model that combines B2B with B2C. It means that a company partners with other companies aiming the final customer. Supplier and distributor work together to form a chain where the products or services are sold by one company to another and then to the final customer.
B2CB2CB2CGeneralB2C stands for Business to Consumer. In ecommerce, it is a business model in which a company sells products or services to the final client.
bank conciliationconciliação bancáriaconciliación bancariaPayments
bank of issuebanco emissorbanco emisorPaymentsThe financial institution responsible for the payment method, be it boleto, debit or credit cards. It is the bank of issue, when receiving the data of a purchase made in your store, that will authorize or not the sale (depending on the limit of credit or on the money available in the user's account). If everything is OK, the bank collects the value.
base pricepreço-baseprecio basePricesCost price multiplied by the desired markup
benefits acumulationacumulação de promoçõesacumulación de promocionesRates & BenefitsAllows accumulate benefits
bindingbindingbindingCMSWebsite binding is what links the CMS (Portal) to the information defined in the License Manager for a specific account name. That is, the binding sets that an account name is linked to the folder and files structure of a particular Website defined in the CMS module.
bundlekitkitCatalogAn SKU composed of one or more SKUs.
carriertransportadoratransportadoraInventory & ShippingThe carriers are the companies responsible for distributing the products sold by an ecommerce. It's common for a store to have several carriers associated with it. This happens because the carrier's and carrier's fleet profile varies according to the route, deadline and type of product it will deliver.
CatalogCatálogoCatálogoCatalogVTEX module where you can find the main settings to manage your products.
category treeárvore de categoriasárbol de categoríasCatalog
certified marketplacemarketplace certificadomarketplace certificadoIntegrationsA marketplace with which VTEX integrates and that has been certified by us. For integrations with certified marketplaces, hiring of additional trade policies aimed at the assortment of products sold in such marketplaces is free.
child categorycategoria filhacategoría hijaCatalogIf category B is located below category A in your store's hierarchy (the category tree), then category B is category A's child.
Client IDClient IDClient IDGeneralIdentification number or string that works like login data for access authorization.
Client SecretClient SecretClient SecretGeneralNumber or string that works like a password for access authorization.
CMSCMSCMSCMSThe Content Management System can be understood as a system that manages the content the store. In VTEX, it is the module that manages the code of the site and everything related to it - including the way the content appears on the screen. In other words, it's in this module that you will create, organize and edit the entire structure of folders and files that make up your site.
collectioncoleçãocolecciónCatalogA grouping of several SKUs. A collection may be used to group products together that do not necessarily have common characteristics. Normally, it's possible to group SKUs together by category or brand. A collection can be used to associate SKUs by other assortment criteria.
commercial conditioncondição comercialcondición comercialPaymentsA commercial condition is a grouping of SKUs that will serve to create different payment scenarios
company's trading namenome fantasia da empresanombre comercial de la empresaAccount Management
component (Catalog)componentecomponenteCatalogEach SKU that is part of a bundle or a kit look.
controlcontrolecontrolCMSA code that renders various useful and replicable features in the store templates.
cost pricepreço de custoprecio de costoPrices
couponcupomcupónRates & BenefitsTrigger to activate a benefit.
coupon codecódigo do cupomcódigo del cupónRates & BenefitsA coupon allows a discount to be used through a code that is entered in a specific field of the cart. It can only be used within a regular benefit.
create a productcadastrar um produtoregistrar un productoCatalogThe act of inputing a new product into the platform, be it through the Admin, spreadsheet or API.
cross-sellingcross-sellingcross-sellingCatalogThis involves offering a supplementary product to the one the user is acquiring
cubed weightpeso cubadopeso cúbicoInventory & Shipping
cubic factorfator de cubagemfactor cúbicoInventory & Shipping
customized controlcontrole personalizadocontrol personalizadoCMS
customized paymentpagamento customizadopago personalizadoPaymentsThe customized payment is an alternative to the standard options offered by PCI Gateway. It allows you to create up to 15 new forms of payment, such as cash on delivery or payment with the store's card, for example
dataLayerdataLayerdataLayerGeneralA JavaScript object that is used to store relevant information about about the web page. These information may be useful for services such as tag managers.
default markup for external integrationsmarkup padrão para integrações externasmarkup por defecto para integraciones externasPricesDefault markup that will be used if a price is shipped without markup or defined cost price through API (only for API)
delivery SLAprazo de entregatiempo de entregaInventory & Shipping
distribution centercentro de distribuiçãocentro de distribuciónInventory & Shipping
DNSDNSDNSGeneralDNS stands for Domain Name System. It works as a phone book for resources connected to the internet. Every time a user enters a domain name in the web browser, the DNS translates it to an IP address. When a VTEX store goes live or its address changes, it's necessary to set up the DNS pointing to VTEX.
Dynamic StorageDynamic StorageDynamic StorageMaster DataAn environment inside Master Data in which you can set up data structures.
E-bitE-bitE-bitGeneralA company that is a reference in how Brazilian ecommerce is evaluated. It has followed the evolution of digital retail in Brazil since its inception and is the most trusted reference in competitive intelligence for ecommerce in Brazil. It certifies stores of proven quality.
ecommerceecommerceecommerceGeneralA store that exists in the online environment and where transactions happen through the internet.
EANEANEANSuggestionSKU barcode. Single SKU registration.
endpointendpointendpointGeneralAn API endpoint is the touchpoint the API uses to communicate with other systems. It is expressed in the form of a URL to which external services send their requests.
entities filterfiltro de entidadesfiltro de entidadesMaster DataIn Master Data, you can create filters for accessing it through API or for viewing the forms. Creating filters facilitates the search and query of data, enabling a greater control of your data. Filters must be set up first in the data entity and then in the form.
ERPERPERPGeneralThe ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated management software that unifies data and business processes from different areas such as accounting, supply chain and HR. VTEX integrates to ERPs in order to allow perfect alignment between the company's ecommerce and it's other areas.
external integrationintegração externaintegración externaIntegrationsIntegration with a marketplace developed by a VTEX partner
faviconfaviconfaviconCMSA 16 x 16 pixels icon that represents a web site and is most often found next to the web address field at the top of the browser. The goal is to help users find the website's tab.
featured in the productdestaque nos produtosdestaque en los productosRates & BenefitsFlag of the benefit creation screen that lets you display a notice about the benefit on the shelves and product pages.
Files ManagerFiles ManagerFiles ManagerCMS
folderpastadirectorioCMSThe CMS folders structure is what organizes the architecture of the store's pages, starting with the root folder (/) and unfolding into internal folders that will build paths such as "/Account/Orders/Xpto". In this example, the file "Xpto" is inside the folder "Orders", which is inside the folder Account, which in turn is inside the root folder.
Franchise AccountConta FranquiaCuenta FranquiciaPaymentsAn account that shares the catalog of a main environment. Because it is an independent account, the Franchise Account has its own logistics and performs its own order management. In addition, the Franchise Account may have its own price, but may also inherit the prices from the main account.
free shippingfrete grátisenvío grátisInventory & Shipping
FullCleanUpFullCleanUpFullCleanUpCatalogVTEX feature used to clear the catalog or restart the indexer, thus removing all products from the store. It's often used at the beginning of the store's operations so that the customer can test the platform features. Only the Sponsor user is allowed to use it.
fulltextSearchBoxfulltextSearchBoxfulltextSearchBoxCMSControl that is responsible for rendering the search box.
gateway affiliationafiliação de gatewayafiliación de gatewayPaymentsA set of configurations that represent your contract with a payment gateway of your choice.
Gift CardGift CardGift CardPaymentsThe Gift Card, Gift Voucher or Money Order is a form of payment that is configured as a cash value associated to a customer, and is used to grant discount on the value of the order at the store, as a payment option
global categorycategoria globalcategoría globalCatalogTaxonomy created by Google for the Merchant Center, and which in VTEX system is pre-defined as a single tree. The same global categories are available for products from all stores. And for every category of your store, you need to choose a global category. Since it's widely applicable to any context, the global category improves the integration of the store with external sales channels.
Google AdsGoogle AdWordsGoogle AdWordsGeneralGoogle Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is Google's online advertising program. Through Google Ads, you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they're interested in the products and services that you offer. (from Google website)
Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGeneralA web analytics service that collects data from website traffic, giving insights about how users find and use the website.
Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search ConsoleGoogle Search ConsoleGeneralA free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. (from Google website)
Google ShoppingGoogle ShoppingGoogle ShoppingGeneralA service provided by Google that allows customers to search for, view and compare products. Ecommerce stores use it to advertise their products and drive sales.
Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle Tag ManagerGeneralA tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website or mobile app. Once the small segment of Tag Manager code has been added to your project, you can safely and easily deploy analytics and measurement tag configurations from a web-based user interface. (from Google website)
groupgrupogrupoCatalogA grouping of fields (specifications) related to a product or its SKUs. Whenever you register a product or SKU in your store, you can create fields which may be grouped. The group is at a hierarchical level above the field.
GUIDGUIDGUIDMaster DataSequence of numbers and letters that is unique and identifies a record inside Master Data.
HTML templatestemplates HTMLtemplates HTMLCMSTemplates that structure the HTML code and reference JavaScript and CSS files to be used in the pages of the store.
HTTPHTTPHTTPGeneralThe Hypertext Transfer Protocolis is the main protocol used by the World Wide Web. It determines how communication happens between web servers and browsers.
HTTPSHTTPSHTTPSGeneralThe Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the secure version of HTTP internet protocol. It is encrypted, which increases security of data transfer between a web browser and a web server.
IDIDIDGeneralIdentification number
inactive taxtaxa inativatributo inactivoRates & BenefitsA tax whose status flag was inactivated.
indexíndiceíndiceMaster DataA reference to one or more columns in Master Data forms, intended to optimize queries to a data entity. In other words, it is a structure that enables faster record searches.
index reportrelatório de indexaçãoinforme de indexaciónCatalogReport that shows the indexing status of all products of the store (total products indexed, not yet in queue, total in queue etc.)
indexationindexaçãoindexaciónCatalogA process that prepares the general SKU data, such as prices and inventory, updating information to serve as a basis for searches and for setting up the site's product display shelves.
initial markupmarkup inicialmarkup inicialPricesMarkup initially defined by the retailer (who, in practice, can change, for example because of price rounding)
Inventory & ShippingEstoque & EntregaInventario y EnvíoInventory & Shipping
invoiceKeyinvoiceKeyinvoiceKeyIntegrationsChave de acesso que serve para identificar a nota fiscal. Ao faturar um pedido, é necessário informar essa chave de acesso. Isto pode ser feito pelo Admin ou por API. Por API, o campo correspondente é o invoiceKey.
itemitemítemInventory & ShippingEach individual SKU that is part of a shopping cart
JSONJSONJSONGeneralThe Javascript Object Notation is an open-standard file format for storing data. It is widely used and easy for machines to parse and generate.
layoutlayoutlayoutCMSLayouts are responsible for determining which placeholders will appear on the pages of your web site. You find them organized by folders in the Sites and Channels directory of the CMS
list pricepreço de listaprecio de listaPricesUsually it is the price suggested by the supplier. It does not influence the count made by Pricing. It can be a fictitious price (ex: "From R$ 150 for R$ 100", R$ 150 corresponding to the list price). It's not mandatory
loading dockdocamuelleInventory & ShippingA step in the logistics process between the inventory and the carriers. It works as an area in the distribution center for loading and/or unloading SKUs. That is, it receives or holds SKUs from one or more inventories, and then hands those items to the carriers responsible for delivering them to the client.
Maintaining OrganizationMaintaining OrganizationMaintaining OrganizationGeneralAn entity, natural person ou legal person that has the main contract with VTEX and is accountable for paying for VTEX services. A Maintaining Organization can have many contracts with VTEX and also have control in many tenants on the platform.
marketing tagsmarketing tagsmarketing tagsRates & BenefitsEnable benefit if the customer has matching payment extensions.
marketplacemarketplacemarketplaceIntegrationsIn VTEX, a marketplace is the store where a purchase is performed, meaning it's the environment where the customer pays for an order. If the product belongs to the same store where the purchase was performed, the marketplace also acts as the seller. But if the product belongs to a different store (which in such case will be responsible for the fulfillment), then we have an integration between the marketplace and an external seller.
markupmarkupmarkupPricesPrice at which the retailer bought the product
markup rangefaixa de markuprango de markupPricesProfit margin range. It serves to create rules applied to products that are within a certain range of gross profitability
Master DataMaster DataMaster DataMaster DataVTEX module that makes it possible to create database architectures for a store. By default, it's used to store and organize customer data, but it's also widely used by VTEX stores to make business rule customizations and create applications for your virtual store.
Sponsor userusuário Titularusuario TitularAccount ManagementThe user who is primarily responsible for the store. In VTEX permission architecture, the Sponsor user is the one with most power to take actions, including critical ones.
maximum shipping discountdesconto por frete máximodescuento por envío máximoRates & BenefitsDiscount type where you set a maximum shipping rate to be charged for the order. If the Inventory & shipping module calculates a shipping that is cheaper than the maximum value, the lowest value shipping is the one charged
Message CenterCentral de mensagensCentro de mensajesMessage CenterVTEX module responsible for configuration and sending of transactional e-mails to clients
Meta Tag DescriptionMeta Tag DescriptionMeta Tag DescriptionCatalogA brief description of categories, brands or products informed during their creation inside the platform. It's recommended that you don't exceed 150 characters so that search engines can display it correctly in the results page.
minimum markupmarkup mínimomarkup mínimoPricesGross profitability that the retailer wishes to have in a particular sales policy
modifiermodificadormodificadorPricesPercentage change applied to the product if the rule is satisfied
multiple deliveriesmúltiplas entregasmúltiples entregasInventory & Shipping
native integrationintegração nativaintegración nativaIntegrationsIntegration with marketplace developed by VTEX
nominal discountdesconto nominaldescuento nominalRates & BenefitsDiscount type that applies a fixed discount amount to the total value of the purchase
nominal discount based on formuladesconto nominal baseado em fórmuladescuento nominal basado en fórmulaRates & BenefitsFixed discount type in which the discount value is defined by a formula composed by the retailer, using the variables "total" for the order value and "shipping" for the shipping rate
nominal reward valuevalor fidelidade nominalvalor fidelidad nominalRates & BenefitsDiscount type that applies a fixed number of loyalty points to the order
nominal shipping discountdesconto por frete nominaldescuento por carga nominalRates & BenefitsDiscount type that applies a fixed discount amount to the order's shipping
non-certified marketplacemarketplace não certificadomarketplace no certificadoIntegrationsA marketplace with which VTEX integrates but that has not been certified by us. For integrations with non-certified marketplaces, VTEX charges aditional trade policies.
NSUNSUNSUPaymentsThe Unique Sequence Number (NSU, in portuguese) is the identification number of a sales transaction using cards. It is attributed to each tax document issued. The NSU is a payment data that is stored in the Payments module, in the Transactions section. This information is required for queries on the operator or payment gateway, for example.
OAuth2OAuth2OAuth2GeneralAuthorization framework which gives limited access to web and desktop applications while focusing on client developer simplicity.
Order AuthorizationOrder AuthorizationOrder AuthorizationFeature that provides the possibility to delegate to operational users permissions for order approvals with price variations. (Also known as "Alçada", in portuguese)
OrderPlacedOrderPlacedOrderPlacedCheckoutThe order confirmation page of VTEX stores.
Orders ManagementGerenciamento de PedidosGestión de PedidosOrders Management
parent categorycategoria paicategoría padreCatalogIf category A is located above category B in your store's hierarchy (the category tree), then category A is category B's parent category.
payment conditioncondição de pagamentoplan de pagoPaymentsPayment conditions are the methods of payment displayed on the website for checkout. They allow the configuration of installments, interest, special conditions, etc
payment methodmeio de pagamentomedio de pagoPaymentsDefines how the customer of the store will pay for the order. VTEX allows various payment methods, such as debit, credit card, boleto bancário and promissory.
PaymentsPagamentosPagosPaymentsVTEX module responsible for mediating and managing all transactions and payments between your VTEX store, the financial operators and their customers.
percentage taxtaxa percentualtributo porcentualRates & BenefitsType of tax where its value is defined by a percentage of the order value
percentual discountdesconto percentualdescuento percentualRates & BenefitsDiscount type that applies a percentage discount value to the total value of the purchase
percentual reward valuevalor fidelidade percentualvalor fidelidad percentualRates & BenefitsDiscount type that applies a percentage number on loyalty points to the order.
percentual shipping discountdesconto por frete percentualdescuento por carga percentualRates & BenefitsDiscount type that applies a percentage discount amount to the order's shipping
physical storeloja físicatienda físicaOMS
pickup pointponto de retiradapunto de recogidaInventory & ShippingPhysical point for the pickup of an order completed by the customer
Postal Code rangefaixa de CEPrango de código postalInventory & Shipping
Preparing DeliveryPreparando EntregaPreparando EntregaOrders Management
price divergence percentagepercentual de divergência de preçoPorcentaje de divergencia de precioIntegrationsWhile setting up integrations with some marketplaces, the store may configure a rate of acceptance for the divergence between an order's value in the seller and it's value in the marketplace. This divergence happens when an order originated in an external marketplace has a different price than the one registered in the seller.
price limitstrava de preçolímites de precioPricesPercentage change accepted in the change of a price. If it is injured, it returns an error
price per quantitypreço por quantidadeprecio por cantidadPricesSpecific price for minimum quantities of the item in the cart. (To use a fixed price, a minimum quantity of 1. is defined)
price rulesregra de preçosreglas de preciosPricesConditions that the product must meet in order for a price change be applied. The effect (the change itself) also belongs to the rule
PricesPreçosPreciosPricesVTEX module responsible for managing the store's prices
prices listlista de preçoslista de preciosPricesPrices module screen that shows the product base price and the sale price in each sales policy
private labelprivate labelprivate labelPayments
product associationassociação de produtoasociación de productoSuggestionAction that creates the seller SKU on an existing product.
product fieldcampo de produtocampo de productoCatalog
product shelfprateleiraestanteGeneralShelves are configurable elements that display a grouping of products on the pages of the store. This grouping is defined by the criteria you choose. Shelves are structured with HTML code, organized into specific templates, called shelves templates.
product specificationespecificação de produtoespecificación de productoCatalog
Profile SystemProfile SystemProfile SystemMaster DataMaster Data application that comes by default with every store.
Progressive DiscountDesconto ProgressivoDescuento ProgresivoRates & BenefitsBenefit type used when you want to offer a discount percentage for a certain quantity of products inserted in the cart. For example, "when buying 5kg of ration, receive a 5% discount. Add another 5kg and get 10% more "
promissory notepromissóriapagaréPayments
queryconsultaconsultaMaster DataA request for information from a database.
Ready for HandlingPronto para ManuseioListo para ManejoOrders Management
reservationreservareservaInventory & Shipping
RESTRESTRESTGeneralREST stands for Representational State Transfer. It provides standards for communication between web systems. It requires that a client make requests to a server in order to get or change data on the server.
roundingarredondamentoredondeoPricesChange in the end of the price based on the psychological price rule defined by the shopkeeper
rounding methodmétodo de arredondamentométodo de redondeoPricesOne of the three types of end price changes following a psychological price rule. It can be in 9.00 format, 9.99 or 0.00
routerotarutaInventory & Shipping
SaaSSaaSSaaSGeneralSaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a distribution model in which the software is always in the cloud instead of beeing downloaded by the users. Because of that, it can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. VTEX works in the SaaS model.
scheduled taxtaxa agendadatributo programadoRates & BenefitsA tax that is active, but with a future start date.
scorescorescoreSuggestionCriterion used by Matcher to make product approval decisions.
scroll routerota scrollruta scrollMaster DataA route for querying VTEX Master Data. It was developed for external integrations. It is the best solution when you need to query the entire Master Data database or if your collection of documents numbers more than 10 thousand.
search routerota searchruta searchMaster DataA route for querying VTEX Master Data. It is mainly used for paged queries and is the best solution when you need to find a collection of documents directly in the store.
sellersellersellerOrders ManagementStore responsible for delivering an order. The seller is responsible for the fulfillment process, ie it's the store that must comply with the obligation to deliver the product to the customer.
SEOSEOSEOGeneralSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of practices that improve quality of traffic to the website through a better position in search engine results.
shelves templatestemplates de prateleiratemplates de estanteCMSTemplates that define the structure and content of shelves, elements that group products from view criteria, and can be used on more than one page.
shippingenvioenvíoInventory & Shipping
shipping additionaladicional de freteadicional de envíoInventory & Shipping
shipping estimatedata de entregafecha de entregaOrders Management
shipping percentual taxtaxa percentual sobre o fretetributo porcentual de envíoRates & BenefitsType of tax where its value is defined by a percentage of the order's shipping rate
shipping ratefretecoste de envíoInventory & Shipping
Shipping simulatorSimulador de envioSimulador de envíoInventory & Shipping
shipping spreadsheetplanilha de freteplanilla de fleteInventory & Shipping
SKUSKUSKUCatalogSKUs are the individual items that phisically exist in the store's inventory. At VTEX, it is in a hierarchical level below the product. From the engineering perspective, the Stock Keeping Unit is a unique number used to internally track a business’ inventory. SKUs are alphanumeric, and should provide information on the most important characteristics of a product — price, color, style, brand, gender, type, and size, for example. This information in the SKUs should also be placed in order from most important to least important — or in other words, the most needed information to the least. SKUs also aren’t universal. They’re meant to be unique to each business, and can be tailored to represent what the customers or vendors ask the most about of store’s merchandise. The purpose of SKUs is to help companies more accurately and quickly account for every piece of their inventory. They are different from model numbers, but model numbers can be incorporated into an SKU if a company so chooses.
SKU associationassociação de SKUasociación de SKUSuggestionAction that links the seller's SKU to an existing SKU.
SKU fieldcampo de SKUcampo de SKUCatalog
SKU reference codecódigo de referência do SKUcódigo de referencia del SKUSuggestionIdentification of the lot to which the product belongs.
SKU specificationespecificação de SKUespecificación de SKUCatalog
SLASLASLAIntegrationsRequirements needed to deliver the item
SLASLASLAGeneralThe service-level agreement is a commitment between a service provider and a client. For each VTEX support plan, for example, there is a different SLA.
SmartCheckout™SmartCheckout™SmartCheckout™GeneralVTEX's no login and no password one-click-buy checkout. Its first version was created in 2013 and rapidly changed ecommerce marketing by improving conversions due to the much simpler checkout experience it provided.
SoapUISoapUISoapUIGeneralA tool for simulating webservice methods.
special payment conditioncondição especial de pagamentoplan de pago especialPayments
sub templatesubtemplatesub templateCMSA template intended for small structures that could be reused in several page templates. Subtemplates work as “includes”.
sub-acquirersubadquirentesubadquirentePaymentsa company that processes payments and transmits the generated data to the other players involved in the payment flow. Its role is similar to that of an acquirer, but it doesn't completely replace it. Thus, it can be understood as a kind of intermediary player between the acquirer and the store.
taxtaxatributoRates & BenefitsAn additional percentage added to the product price in order to increase its value.
tax based on formulataxa com base em fórmulatributo basado en fórmulaRates & BenefitsType of tax in which its value is defined by a formula composed by the retailer, using the variables "total" for the order value and "shipping" for the shipping rate
tax receiptnota fiscalnota fiscalOrders ManagementRecibo que deve ser emitido após a realização de qualquer transação de venda. Na VTEX, inserir a nota fiscal no pedido é um passo obrigatório para que o pedido ganhe o status de faturado.
templatetemplatetemplateCMSTemplates are the files that contain the code of the pages of your web site. They are responsible, among other things, for determining how the information will appear on the screen (including the position of the placeholders). In VTEX platform, templates are divided into two types: HTML templates (or page templates) and shelves templates.
tenantTenantTenantGeneralA tenant is defined in VTEX platform as an isolated container of configurations. It is a store representation, but in some cases a tenant represents a group of stores. From the storekeeper's point of view, a tenant is defined when a group of people come together to work in the same context inside a maintaining organization. For example, when the maintaining organization has two distincts stores, but is internally operated by the same colaborators group, these two stores can be represented by the same tenant. On the other hand, when the maintaining organization has two distinct stores and is internally operated by a diferent colaborators group, each store can be represented by one tenant. The tenant definition will affect directly the administration modules. For each tenant, the configuration of access ontrol, CMS, logistics, products, payments and others will be independent. If you have two stores in the same tenant all configurations will be shared. The tenant is defined during the creation of a store in VTEX platform and can not be changed afterwards.
TIDTIDTIDPaymentsTransaction ID (TID) is an identification (or authorization) number of the ecommerce transaction at the operator.. It is a payment data that is stored in the Payments module, in the Transactions section. This information is required for queries on the operator or payment gateway, for example.
TIERTIERTIERGeneralA group level inside a hierarchy. VTEX clients, for example, are organized in Tiers, each one with a different profile and distinct commercial conditions.
timeouttimeouttimeoutGeneralA cancellation of process that automatically happens when a predefined interval of time has passed without a certain event occurring.
trackingtrackingtrackingOrders Management
trade policypolítica comercialpolítica comercialMultiple modulesTrade policies, or sales channels, contain configurations of catalog, pricing, promotions, logistics, customer segmentation, and payments for different sales strategies. Trade policies differentiate between sales conditions for marketplaces, sellers, stores with their own ecommerce, physical stores, or B2B stores, for example.
transaction IDID da transaçãoID de la transacciónPaymentsTransaction ID (TID) is an identification (or authorization) number of the ecommerce transaction at the operator.. It is a payment data that is stored in the Payments module, in the Transactions section. This information is required for queries on the operator or payment gateway, for example.
triggertriggertriggerMaster DataA feature that runs an action whenever a particular event takes place. In Master Data, this event and the action it triggers may be set up based on several variables, enabling several scenarios of data automation and increasing the efficiency of the store's data management.
type of deliverytipo de entregatipo de entregaInventory & Shipping
up-sellingup-sellingup-sellingCatalogUp Selling means offering an upgrade for the product the user is acquiring.
URL BuilderURL BuilderURL BuilderCMS
utm_campaignutm_campaignutm_campaignRates & BenefitsURL parameter that tracks the name of the campaign that defines a particular marketing context (examples: Christmas, launch, promo01).
utm_mediumutm_mediumutm_mediumRates & BenefitsURL parameter that tracks the advertising or marketing media used to reach your site (examples: banner, cpc, newsletter).
utm_sourceutm_sourceutm_sourceRates & BenefitsURL parameter that tracks the source of the traffic, that is, from which site, advertiser, or publication the user came from.
utmi_cputmi_cputmi_cpRates & BenefitsInternal URL parameter intended to track traffic between pages inside the store. In the OrderForm, the field populated by utmi_cp is utmiCampaign. It can be found inside the marketingData node.
VTEXVTEXVTEXGeneralBrazilian tech company that povides commerce solutions for leading companies in 28+ countries.
VTEX HelpHelp VTEXHelp VTEXGeneralVTEX help center, where users find product documentation, developers documentation, known issues, VTEX Status, breaking change announcements and support through tickets
VTEX IDVTEX IDVTEX IDGeneralSystem that is responsible for the identification of every user of the VTEX platform, thus providing context for users and keeping store operations safe.
VTEX IOVTEX IOVTEX IOVTEX IOServerless development environment that enables the developer to build high-quality web apps fast, without dealing with infrastructure and scalability concerns.
VTEX PaymentVTEX PaymentVTEX PaymentPayments
Web ServiceWeb ServiceWeb ServiceGeneralA service though which a computer device running a server listens for requests over a network and serves web documents such as HTM, JSON and XML, allowing communication between services over the internet.
weight rangefaixa de pesorango de pesoInventory & Shipping
White Label SellerSeller White LabelSeller White LabelA seller that is chosen by VTEX system to deliver an order. This means that it's not the final customer or the store who chooses the seller who will deliver the products. Therefore, being a White Label is a property of a seller. If the seller has the white label property, it leads VTEX system to choose a seller to deliver the order without the final customer having, at the time of purchase, the information of the seller that will perform the delivery.
XMLXMLXMLGeneralMark-up language that allows computers and applications to communicate. Its main feature is the hierarchically organized structure for creating texts, databases and vector drawings.
zoomzoomzoomCMSTool that allows the customer to see the details of a product image by passing the mouse over it and thus zooming the image.