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Confirmation Messages

Validate that a component's behavior meets expectations.

Tone and Voice#

Confirmation messages are key when reinforcing our trust-worthy nature. Keep in mind the balance between transparency and excess of information, that frictions our user's actions. We recommend the use of confirmation messages whenever the user altered a state, or created a new entity.

👍 Do's#

  • Transmit positivity, but don't forget our authority/seriousness.
  • Mind the priority of the message, as the specific visual solution can limit the available text size.


  • We encourage the use of possessive adjectives or pronouns in sentences, as long as they don't exceed the limited space for text, in the UI. They reinforce the idea that users should feel connected with their VTEX environment, and feel they belong. It shows the respect we have towards their store.
  • Prefer direct sentences, without passive voice.
  • Use sentence case.
  • Add punctuation at the end of each sentence. Use exclamation marks carefully.
  • Maximum of 2 sentences.
  • Avoid using illegible terms in your copy, from the back-end.