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Tools that customize configurations.

Tone and Voice#

Adding controls to a screen is a useful way of making configurations more user-friendly. The text that goes alongside of them should also be intuitive. Transparency is key here, so the user knows exactly what they are altering. We should be Serious in this space, and show responsibility towards our users. We adapt to our user's mental model, so be clear when describing controls. Don't let them assume a control's consequence, be clear when describing it.

👍 Dos#

  • Controls can be found in the following forms, each one with a particular use case:
    • Toggles
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio buttons
  • Use titles to group related controls.
  • Choose words that are aligned with our ecommerce vocabulary.
  • Write the current state of the control, to improve accessibility. The label should describe what the control will do when the switch is on.
  • Add descriptions if the control is critical, or complex.
  • Choose different nouns and key words for each option.
  • Choose imperative verbs for actions.
  • Choose nouns or key words for states.


  • Prefer direct, short phrases, without passive voice.
  • Use sentence case.
  • No punctuation.
  • Maximum of 3 words.