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Further clarifies sections and entities.

Tone and Voice#

Labels should help users, and not become the text that they skip while skimming through a page. Be specific. We are ecommerce experts, and we master our customer's diverse contexts. Make sure to always use ecommerce jargons.

👍 Dos#

  • Make it as brief and clear as possible.
  • Meet the user's mental model, use ecommerce vocabulary.
  • If you think a label should have more clarification about its meaning, you can use a tooltip.
  • Feel free to consult our Glossary so your labels are consistent.


  • We encourage the use of possessive adjectives or pronouns in sentences, as long as they don't exceed the limited space for text, in the UI. They reinforce the idea that users should feel connected with their VTEX environment, and feel they belong. It shows the respect we have towards their store.
  • Prefer key words, rather than sentences.
  • Use sentence case.
  • No punctuation.
  • Maximum of 3 words.