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Text Input

Anticipate the precise data a field requires.

Tone and Voice#

We want to save our users' time when they input text, this is not the place for play, or ambiguity. As ecommerce authorities we are precise, specific and meet the user's mental model.

👍 Dos#

  • Show the exact values that the field supports.
  • Be clear and straight to the point.
  • Use messages, descriptions or tooltips to give more context, if needed.
  • If an error occurs, provide the user with context, so they can correct the text inputted initially.


  • Prefer key words, rather than sentences.
  • Use Sentence case.
  • No punctuation.
  • Maximum of 4 words.

Search Bars#

When adding text input for search bars, be mindful of the verbs you choose. Prefer imperative tense, not infinitive.
You can follow this format:

Search for + exact search terms

EN: Search for name, SKU or price
PT: Busque por nome, SKU, ou preço

👎 Don'ts#